Guitar Quick Licks: David Gilmour- Slow Blues

Guitar Quick Licks: David Gilmour- Slow Blues cvr

Lick Library

Instructor: Jamie Humphries

Length: 76 minutes + previews

Format: DVD

Key: G minor

MSRP: 19.99

David Gilmour achieved worldwide acclaim with Pink Floyd.  Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall are two fantastic classics.  His legato style has tons of feel. Every note counts for something. Using a multitude of effects, he has legendary tone. Main guitar is a fender Stratocaster. Want to learn some of this legends techniques?


Jamie Humphries is a top notch instructor. He was in the Australian Pink Floyd tribute band, that toured the world. Jamie has it down. A killer guitarist. He is a fast paced instructor to follow.  In this release he slows down his presentation a bit. Better balanced compared to one of his other Pink Floyd programs. What is sweet about the dvd, you can pause or replay the lessons as needed.

Lick Library is a large producer of guitar lessons. Offering a wide variety of: players, bands and straight musical knowledge, they are sure to please.

This program is filmed quite nicely. It is great to be able to play the dvd anywhere. Crank it up on your big tv. Play it on  bedroom set, or a computer. The picture and audio are great!

A detailed chapter menu has 3 sets of 12 bar progressions. The chord progression and scales utilized are other chapters.

Jamie uses the CAGED system for chords. He uses triads and just parts of chords as needed. His Ultimate Fretboard Navigator shows delve deeper into theory.


The actual playing is professionally filmed. The picture easily displays the fretboard with clarity. Right hand picking is discreetly in the lower corner. Whammy bar moves are also visible.

axisGear Section has Jamie showing his compact setup with a limited assortment of pedals. Off the shelf effects that anyone can purchase. It sounds authentic. He goes over his guitar and tube amp too. Invaluable and surprising how a few pedals can do the job. Additionally, he discusses even more gear. He spends a solid 15 minutes on this subject.

Jam track has the same backing track as heard in the program.

Jamie is lively and has a great attitude. Very clear and concise. You can learn much, with this instructor. He offers some real world advice, that is based on his long experience.

You can definitely learn or improve your David Gilmour stylings from this release. The jam track is fun.

David Gilmour Slow Blues can have you sounding like Pink Floyd. This release is professional in every department. A must have.

Rating: 5 Stars


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