Kings of Blues & Rock Vol. 1: Johnny Winter

Kings of Blues & Rock Vol. 1: Johnny Winterjohnny winter


Instructor: Andy Aledort

Length: 81 minutes

Format: Direct Download

MSRP: 19.00

First in a series of Kings of Blues & Rock shows by TrueFire.  Johnny Winter was a $100,000 bonus baby, when he signed with Columbia in 1969.  This unique guitarist is a stunning performer. His style includes blazing licks, delicate fingerpicking, blues, incendiary shuffles and rock. A master of slide guitar as well. Yes, Johnny Winter has it all.

aa  Andy Aledort is a premier American guitar instructor. Impressive credentials are well deserved. Andy also does Guitar World magazine.  He has a laid back and informative style.

A disadvantage of the TrueFire video player. You can’t full screen the film image. It just moves the player into the upper corner of the screen. Viewers are stuck with it.

Newer TF releases have an updated player. Improved appearance. Full screen option, with a toggle switch .

introTrueFire is a major producer of guitar and bass lessons. They have quality releases covering all styles of music. They have a large, professional group of instructors.  A versatile supplier of lessons. They have multiple formats to obtain their shows.

Customers can: download direct, data dvd and download combo, or just the dvd. I prefer to use the cost effective direct download method.

CaptureThe TrueFire Player is what brings everything to life. It is nicely designed. The material is perfectly arranged.  Controls are in an interactive format. Users must have this player active to view the show. It is very versatile and offers features you can’t get playing a regular dvd. I play this on a laptop. You will want external speakers or a headphone setup to play along with a laptop.

Their player needs some updating. Viewers should be able to get a full screen of the video itself.

Andy presents some background on the artist. Though older musicians might be familiar, it will be informative to others.

c2Classic blues from early era Johnny Winter. Be Careful with a Fool. The effective combination of performance and breakdown convey the lessons clearly. The only part I do not really need is that inset of his right hand. Clutters the image somewhat, on an already small picture.

In fact, this is not what I would term an attractive presentation. The most important part of any lesson is conveying the information. That is accomplished.

chartFor those who want tab or sheet music. They have you covered with PDF files. Pictured, is Careful with a Fool.

Notice how Andy offers insight into Johnny’s creative process. Did JW ‘go after’ some certain techniques and song construction? How does he actually play slide guitar? You’ll know after seeing this.

Practice what you learn here. You can incorporate these skills and expand your own technique. Jam tracks with the backing band are included.

This is a complete total package for learning the style of Johnny Winter. Even experienced guitarists can learn some new tricks here.

Kings of Blues & Rock Vol.1: Johnny Winter.  Andy delivers with great instruction. The player has many features. However, it does seem to be getting somewhat dated. I want a full screen image of the show.

Rating: 4  Stars


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